Are your click-through rates low? Your CTR not only affects how much traffic you get right away, but also how much traffic you’ll get in the long run. Google AdWords, for example, bases their Quality Score more on CTR than any other factor.

How can you increase your CTR? Here are five ways.

Increase Your Bids by Position

Download AdWords Editor if you don’t already have it. Download all your latest stats.

Sort your keywords by ad position. Your ideal target should be somewhere between 2.5 and 5. Anything lower than 2 results in non-buying clickers, while anything 6 and above won’t get enough traffic.

Highlight any keywords that aren’t in this range and increase them all at once by clicking “Advanced Bid Changes” at the bottom.

Steal a Main Concept

Do you have a competitor that’s constantly outpositioning you on your ads? Try stealing their main concept.

Of course, you should never steal their whole ad. That’ll just make your ad look like a “me too.” Instead, take what’s working for them and give it your own unique twist.

Go Exact Match

Instead of bidding broad match or phrase match, try bidding just exact match.

This will result in significantly less traffic, but the traffic that you do get will be much more targeted.

Both your CTR and your eventual conversion rates will shoot up.

Go on a Headline Split Testing Spree

Headlines determine your CTR more than any other part of your ad. If you want to increase your CTR, start with your headline.



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