One of our more popular services is Article Marketing. We’ve got the process fine tuned for our clients to optimize results. However, for those of you who would like to give it a go on your own, article marketing doesn’t have to be difficult and time intensive. It doesn’t have to take ages to take effect either. In fact, with proper outsourcing you can use article marketing to drive herds of traffic to your website fairly quickly. Here’s how.

Do Your Keyword Research

The keyword research and title writing are the most important parts of the process.

Aim for low competition keywords to start with. Yes, you can rank for high competition keywords in the long run, but if you’re looking for an instant traffic boost, go for the low-hanging fruit.

Pick out those keywords and write attention-catching titles for them. A reader should feel instantly drawn to the title just by reading it. Remember, it’s not just about rankings, it’s also about getting people to click on your listing once you’re ranked.

Find a Quality Writer You Trust

Find one or two quality writers that you can trust. Usually you’ll have to go through five or six writers before you can find one or two that are truly stellar.

Make sure they have first class English. Make sure their writing is grammatically correct and has personality. Check it against Copyscape for the first few submissions.

Also pay attention to their response time. How long do they take to reply to emails? Is their work turned in early, on time or a little bit late? Their behavior early in the relationship is a good indicator of what it’ll be like working with them in the long run.

Find one or two outsourcers you feel confident outsourcing the article submissions to. Logging into various sites and submitting articles by hand is very time-consuming. An experienced outsourcer will know how

Alternatively, you can learn to use automated submission software. Unfortunately, most of the top article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles don’t accept automated submissions.

Create a Consistent Publishing Schedule

Create a consistent schedule for when you want content published. For example, let’s say you want to publish two articles a week.

Create a list of topics and titles for your writer for the month. Make sure any questions about the assignment are answered before they start.

Contact your article publisher and let them know when to expect the articles. You can send them all the articles at once and ask for them to be published twice a week, or just send the articles to them to be published as they come to you.

This whole process will take a week or two to set up. But once it’s up and going, something miraculous will happen: you’ll get all the benefits of article marketing, while putting in very little time yourself. Just sit back and work on other areas of your business while the article traffic starts coming in.



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